Thursday, 23 April 2015

Our Kommetjie Project (20 March 2015)

We learned about Kommetjie in Integrated Studies and part of it was the map of Kommetjie, so we decided to make our own.

We made it in an almost jigsaw/puzzle way, where we had 6 equally sized square pieces of wood that we had drawn all of the roads on them.

The children proceeded to colour in the water (in blue), the land (in green) and then the roads (in black).

Here are a few photos of them.

All of them enjoying the painting of the map.
Then all the children were given modelling clay to design and make the various landmarks of Kommetjie.

Some children were even able to make their own houses.

The children starting to place their models on the map.

Mrs. Teixeira giving them a bit of guidence (as well as having fun by joining).
And this was our finished project in the foyer of the school.

Please feel free to come have a look before it gets taken down :D