Thursday, 23 April 2015

Walk-about to The Slangkop Lighthouse. (20 February 2015)

In term one our theme for Integrated Studies was "Kommetjie", in Geography we have been learning about mapwork and the "History of Kommetjie" in History.

We decided to have the children go on a walk-a-bout of Kommetjie so that they could learn how to give directions and then design a map, and what better place could we end up than at the Slangkop Lighthouse, one of the historic landmarks in Kommetjie.
(For this project they had to use landmarks to give directions from the school to Slangkop Lighthouse.)

Just after we left the school we encountered our first landmark, The Calvary Chapel.

The Children starting to right up their directions.

A little bit of fun while we were walking.

Landmark number 2 and 3, The skate ramp and behind us was the Lighthouse Pub and Grill.

Once again they have to write it down or else they will forget.

Just as we passed the superette and Fishermans' we encountered a fork in the road, where we turned right down Van Imhoff way towards The Kom.

A little bit of fun while waiting to cross the road.

The Kom! The children loved this place!

A future professional photographer trying to show me up.

And this is where we joined the path that goes along the coast, absolutely beautiful.

The Slankop sign with the Lighthouse in the background.
Having our snacks on the way, with the Lighthouse behind us.

And this view in front of us, the children went exploring in the rock pools, of course.

The last bit of walking, with the Lighthouse growing taller and taller as we approach.

A little bit of a normal photo of the class in front the Lighthouse.

And a less of a normal photo.

Taken inside to learn about the history of the lighthouse from the Lighthouse Keeper.

And now it is time, time to go to the top!

Climbing and climbing.... Level after level...

To get to this view, look at the rest of the class, they look like ants!

And now for the other group to venture up.
Unfortunately this was when my camera ran out of battery :( 
We took a nice casual stroll up Lighthouse Road and directly to the school.

The children and teachers had an amazing time visiting the Slangkop Lighthouse and we learned and amazing amount about directions and Slangkop.

We would like to the the Slangkop Lighthouse employees for the brilliant experience.