Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Swimathon (30 March 2015)

Our children were challenged to the Swimathon Challenge where they were asked to get people to donate money for each length that they completed in 20 minutes.

The children being told the rules.
The children ready to set off.
And they're off!!
Mushfeeq swimming like a champion!
Dioné on a mission!

Daniel Ing and Dylan going well.
Dioné using backstroke to take a breather.

Mushfeeq and Daniel Ing taking a little break.
Our second group of our boys are ready.
Daniel Middleton machining through.
Jasmin Kovocich taking a little break.
Kenai taking a breather before he carries on going.
Our children were absolute champions!
They swam and collected an amazing amount of money!

Earth Hour (27 March 2015)

 Earth Hour is on the 28 March this year and so we decided to make something practical and creative at the same time.

Each child in the class started with an old glass jar, which helps with recycling. 
They then decorated them with butterflies, dragonflies and birds.

These are their finished products.

All of them look amazing!

We decided to go to the hall and light them all.

Then we turned off the lights to see how they worked and looked in the dark.

Just another picture of how amazing they looked.

 We hope that you enjoyed the Earth Hour lanterns that your children made.
And we hope that everyone tried to do something to help the Earth.

Friday, 24 April 2015

NSRI visit (27 March 2015)

We had the amazing experience of having the crew of the NSRI, Station 26, Kommetjie come and give us vital tips of safety around the pool and when near the ocean. They also took us on a tour of the station in Kommetjie and explained exactly what they do and how they do it.

The children enjoyed this thoroughly.

Kelly-Ann, Mel and Lara (in the water) giving us instruction and tips.

Dylan using his new learnt information to save Lara from the pool.

The cjildren excited to ask them questions.

Walking into the entrance of Station 26, Kommetjie.
Watching an educational movie on the history of the NSRI.

The Grade 4s on the big boat.

All of them tried on the helmets.

 We would like to thank the brave people from the NSRI in Kommetjie (Station 26).

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Our Kommetjie Project (20 March 2015)

We learned about Kommetjie in Integrated Studies and part of it was the map of Kommetjie, so we decided to make our own.

We made it in an almost jigsaw/puzzle way, where we had 6 equally sized square pieces of wood that we had drawn all of the roads on them.

The children proceeded to colour in the water (in blue), the land (in green) and then the roads (in black).

Here are a few photos of them.

All of them enjoying the painting of the map.
Then all the children were given modelling clay to design and make the various landmarks of Kommetjie.

Some children were even able to make their own houses.

The children starting to place their models on the map.

Mrs. Teixeira giving them a bit of guidence (as well as having fun by joining).
And this was our finished project in the foyer of the school.

Please feel free to come have a look before it gets taken down :D

Learning about Tesselations (6 March 2015).


Today the children were learning about tesselations.
They were all given a certain amount of different coloured shapes and they had fun putting them together into tesselating shapes.

These are a few pictures of what they came up with.




Dominic tracing his tesselation.

Daniel Middleton.

Alex tracing his tesselation.

Joshua, Troy Burger, Bulelani and Floor all designing their tesselations.

Zedrico with his giant tesselation.

Daniel Ing, Daniel Middleton and Michaela with their tesselations.
Once they made their tesselations, they had to trace them and come up with a key for their new colours that they chose for themselves.