Tuesday, 19 May 2015


For the past few weeks we have been knitting squares and squares. The aim of this is to knit all the small squares into as many blankets as we can to give away to charity.
The boys were a little bit hesitant to knit, as it is "too girly", but after they started it seemed like they were more into it!

Dylan, Matthew and Daniel I having fun while they knit.

Kei and Dominic concentrating hard!

Jasmine looks like she is having fun.

Troy C busy at it.

Mrs. Teixeira helping some of the girls with her skills.

Jasmine got "a little bit" tangled.

Daniel M working hard.

Dominic and Troy C having a bit of fun.

Kenai is lost in his knitting.

Dioné helping Floor a little bit.

Evyn, Dioné, Erouan, MRs Teixeira, Kendall and Beatrice all working togethor.

Mrs Teixeira showing the girls how to do it.
The group on the mat are going well.


Maya getting far.
The girls on the mat having fun.

Erouan is quite intrigued.

Kei happy about what he accomplished.
Alex having fun with the needles.

What's going through Elena's head???

 The children had so much fun knitting and will carry on knitting for a while longer to make enough blankets.