Monday, 3 August 2015

Plays on Bullying

During the last few weeks of term we started looking at bullying.
We had discussions with the children about what they think about bullying and the results were quite uplifting.
Then we gave them scripts which had a scenario of bullying that could happen quite often, and the two different ways to deal with the bullying.
We had them practice these plays and had them act it out.
Here are some pictures of them practicing.

Floor, Michaela and Troy B.
Elena, Jasmin and Taio.
Daniel M learning his lines.
Kendall, Maya and Liya.
Alex, Erouan and Mushfeeq.
Joshua, Troy C and Matthew.
Daniel I, Dylan, Dominic and Kei.
Dioné, Jasmine and Evyn.
They enjoyed this activity thoroughly.
Unfortunately we were unable to upload the videos, so sorry.