Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Outing to the Simonstown Museum (21st May)

In History we had been learning about Nelson Mandela.
On the 21st of May we had the privilege of going to the Simonstown museum to learn about The Group Areas Act and to do a "Treasure Hunt".

The girls sitting on the canon.
And now it is the boys turn.

These ones found the anchor to be quite interesting.

Our introduction to the Group areas act by Suzette.

A heartfelt true story about life through the group areas act by Aunty Lilly.

Aunty Lilly sharing her story.
Some of the boys enjoying their lunch.
The binoculars were quite the attraction during their lunch time.

Suzette explaining the rules and what to do for the Treasure Hunt.

And off we go!

Researching for the Treasure Hunt.

The boys wondering where I was taking pictures from.

And down we go!
The children venturing downstairs.

Interested in the giant map showing how Simonstown looked before.

Aunty Lilly helping them a little bit.

Mrs. Teixeira getting in on the action.

Trying to find the last few answers.

Going through the answers and finding out which group won.
It was a very interesting day, with the children learning a lot about how times were during Apartheid and the problems for the people.